Technological Air Products to Improve Air Quality

How technological air products can help to improve air quality.

Technology is meant to make our lives simpler and easier. At least, that?s how it was in the past. With the passage of time, the deterioration of the environment ? including the quality of air ? had been, in large part, blamed on technology. There seems to be a silent battle being fought: should we look at technology as ?with us?, or ?against us??

But the tide is changing. Now, we see that technology is being used to come up with various tools that can be used to improve our environment and prevent it from sliding completely into oblivion. It seems there is a goal to add ?safer? and ?healthier? to the ?simpler? and ?easier? outcomes expected from technology.

Let us take a look at some of the technological advances and air products being made with a view to support the global objective of improving health care by improving the quality of the air.

  • Air purifiers. From small handheld stand-alone units to larger industrial-sized units, commercial-grade air purifiers are designed to remove the contaminants from the air. These contaminants ? dust particles, pollen and other allergens ? can cause a lot of harm to the health of everyone exposed to them. Manufacturers of air purifiers make use of various techniques to purify the air, making use of radiation to filters and other specialized tools.
  • Humidifiers. ?Dry? air can be harmful to the body, which is why humidifiers are used to increase the humidity or moisture levels inside a room. Various health care companies manufacture humidifiers because they often play an important part in medicine and health care.
  • Development of alternative fuels. Instead of gasoline and the usual fuels that have been known to pollute the air, more and more people are turning to alternative fuels to use in their cars and other machines since they are cleaner. Ethanol, methanol and natural gas are simply a few examples.
  • Utilization of hydroelectricity and solar energy. Instead of using natural gas and oil, hydroelectricity emits lesser carbon and is generally safer. On the other hand, utilization of solar energy will also give you a lot of cost-savings.
  • Invention of energy-saving-friendly products. Light bulbs and other light fixtures that are energy-efficient are now flooding the market. The sleep mode of computers and some television sets are also contributory to lowering the power consumption when they are accidentally forgotten to be turned off. Lately, electric-powered cars have also been introduced in the market.
  • Use of Heat/Energy Recovery Wheels. To improve building ventilation and improving indoor air quality, energy recovery wheels are now being introduced to be integrated in the construction of buildings. These have the added benefit of reducing energy costs and the number of machinery and equipment required indoors.
  • Catalytic Converters. These are found in the exhausts of cars, regulating the amount of emission released and going into the atmosphere.

There are still a lot more products geared towards improving the quality of the air we breathe. Some of them may even sound preposterous and out-of-this-world but, in the end, if they do the job, who are we to complain?

Improved Air Quality for Improved Health

Let?s face it: air quality has long been compromised, and our air health care is at stake. We can blame technology for that. We can even pin the blame on modernization and man?s insatiable thirst to go forward. We can argue and point fingers all we want, but one fact remains: we should do something to improve air quality or, at the very least, take steps to prevent it from deteriorating further.

Pollution is the main villain in this air health care story, and it is what stands between us and clean air which, incidentally, is bound with good health. But how do we do our part ? albeit small ? in improving air quality and ultimately promoting health care?

  • Why Drive When You Can Walk? If you?re travelling only a couple of blocks to the nearest convenience store, do some brisk walking or jog instead of driving in your car. Ride a bike when doing some errands around your area. If you must take a car, consider car-pooling instead, especially if you are with friends or co-workers.
  • Drive Responsibly. When the car is parked or stopped for prolonged periods, turn the engine off and do not let it idle. Remember that, even when the car isn?t moving, it still emits carbon. Warm up your car by driving slowly instead of idling. You won?t get any points for pushing up to the speed limits when you don?t have to. The more spurts of speed you apply, the more gas or fuel is used up, increasing emissions.
  • Fuel up wisely. Choose the quality of fuels you use. There are now many alternative fuels that are cleaner and cause lesser pollution. Check your hoses and pipes for any leaks or potential holes. Have them repaired or replaced before they could become worse and pose danger to you. When filling up your gas tank, make sure you fill it up to its exact capacity. Do not overfill. If you are thinking of buying garden tools, choose those that do not run on gasoline since they have been found to cause more pollution than car emissions.
  • Conserve energy at home. As well as decreasing your energy or electricity bills, you will also be doing your part in improving the quality of the air if you lower your energy consumption. Turn off appliances or devices and unplug them when not in use. If you have a machine that is nearing the end of its useful life, check if it is still in good working condition. Perhaps it now consumes too much power and energy. During summer, turn the heating off. If you have a fireplace, turn of the central heating and use that instead. Skip the dryer and air- or sun-dry your clothes. Go for energy-saver alternatives for your lightbulbs.
  • Regular Maintenance. This refers to the electrical devices in your home as well as your cars and automobiles. If you perform regular maintenance checks to ensure they remain in top operating condition, you will be able to contribute to the prevention of air pollution.
  • Recycle. The less trash you throw away, the less damage you will be able to inflict on the quality of the air.
  • Greenify Surroundings. Planting trees and nurturing your own garden in your backyard would go a long way in alleviating pollution since they are considered to be natural air filters.

These are only a few of the simple day-to-day things each one of us can do to improve the quality of air and, ultimately, our health.

Health Care Professionals on Air Quality

What are health care professionals’ recent views on air quality?  There was a time when people associated the words ?health care? with looking for cures and solutions to already existing illnesses and diseases. These days, however, prevention is also a major focus when it comes to health care. Health care professionals would never be able to conjure up the proper response to any health issue brought to their attention if they are not aware of the importance of air quality, particularly indoor air quality ? in the grand scheme of things.

It starts with the diagnosis. Health care professionals are going to want to know what the most likely reason is for the health conditions being faced by their patients. Most health problems related to the lungs show a connection that can be traced to the quality of air they are constantly breathing. Since most of the allergens causing these conditions are airborne, the lungs are the most targeted organs of the body. Asthma is one of the most popular diseases with this known cause, and it is a condition that could hit even babies and very young children.

Healthcare professionals would also be curious about the other aspects of indoor pollution, such as the sick building syndrome and environmental tobacco smoke. The sick building syndrome is observable when all the occupants of a single building are displaying certain symptoms that can be directly attributed to their occupancy of said building. It could be because of poor ventilation system and a floor plan or interior design that is not conducive to learning or working, depending on what the occupants in the building were supposed to do. Imbalance in the humidity levels within the building could also be a factor. On the other hand, environmental tobacco smoke is self-explanatory. Even second-hand tobacco smoke, if exposure to it is constant, could result to lung problems and other respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, and asthma, among others. In other cases, it could even lead to sever lung disease and lung cancer.

If the health care professionals manage to pinpoint a certain cause for the condition they are presented with, they will know exactly what treatment to prescribe to the patients. Beyond writing a prescription or giving instructions on the treatment, however, they will also be in a better position to give suggestions regarding the changes that the patient has to make in order to improve the quality of air in his or her place of residence or work. They will even go as far as suggest some lifestyle changes that would have to be made, which will ultimately impact the overall health and well-being of the individual.

Take note that people who are already sick aren?t the only ones who can approach health care professionals for their help. If you simply need to consult with them and seek advice purely for prevention purposes, they are also on hand to provide such a service. After all, it is universally accepted that, when it comes to health, prevention is definitely better than cure.

Products To Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many air products that help to improve indoor air quality.  Picture yourself entering standing between two doors. You open the first one and peer inside. It looks clean, but it smells musty and there seems to be a stale odor emanating from one corner. You turn to the other door and see and equally clean room, only this time there?s a sweet scent in the air, courtesy of some aromatic candles in one corner.

Chances are you?d immediately presume the second room to be the cleaner one, and why shouldn?t you? Now this begs the question: does ?smelling good? automatically mean the room is cleaner or its indoor air quality healthier? Do you think lighting incense sticks and scented candles could really improve the quality of air inside a room?

There are three basic strategies being suggested on how air quality indoors can be improved. First would be to control the problem at source. This involves clearly identifying the root cause of the contamination or pollution and getting rid of it. If it is a leaking gas stove, replace it. If it is a garbage bin that has never been emptied for weeks, throw it away. The second strategy would have something to do with the ventilation of the building or structure. Take note of the entrance and exit points for air (and contaminants or pollutants). See how the heating and cooling systems are working and if you are using electric fans, see to it that they are positioned correctly so as not to attract contaminants into the room.

The third strategy would involve the use of air cleaners and other air products specifically meant to improve the quality of air. If you go out shopping for air cleaners, you will find yourself presented with so many options, depending on what you need at that time. If you?re looking for an air cleaner for a single room ? your bedroom, say ? then a tabletop air cleaner would suffice. If you?re thinking large-scale, there are also whole-house systems which, naturally, are more expensive.

Keep in mind that many air cleaners are designed to eliminating particles in the air more than gaseous contaminants. Depending on the size, brand and specifications of the air cleaners, they will have different capabilities. Make sure to check the manufacturer?s manuals and product descriptions before making any purchase so you will get the air products and equipment that you need.

Admittedly, odor control is also loosely related to indoor air quality. To deal with these, you can make use of ? as mentioned in the earlier example ? scented candles, aromatic oils and even incense sticks. There are even home remedies that are suggested because of their ability at removing odors. They include baking soda, white vinegar and even simple houseplants placed on strategic parts of the room.

But of course the best way to have good air quality would be to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Keep your home and its rooms clean to ward off other contaminants and, even if air pollutants manage to enter, regular cleaning would lessen their impact on the health of the occupants of the room. After all, sanitation and health care go hand in hand.

How To Fix An Air Leak With Silicone Tape – Air Products Repair

How To Fix An Air Hose With A Silicone Tape Product

Hoses, for all their usefulness, are also prone to damage. It does not even matter how careful you are in handling them, they are bound to have some problems sooner or later. The difference lies in the severity of the problem and what one would have to do to correct it. Severe damage could lead to more extensive (not to mention, expensive) repairs. In fact, most would probably just opt to buy a new hose.

Air hoses, unlike ordinary garden and water hoses, are more complex. Thus, if you suddenly have a problem with your air hose, you cannot expect to simply patch it up with a simple tape or a temporary fix. You need a better and a fool-proof air hose repair product. This is where the silicone tape product comes in.

How do you go about fixing an air hose using a silicone tape product?

First, identify and assess the damage. Was it a tear and, if so, where is it located? How big is the tear? Knowing the location of the tear or the damage and its extent would give you a fair idea if it is still salvageable and can be solved by repairing it by yourself. If the damage is quite extensive, weigh your options. Should you repair it, or simply buy a new one? Assessing the damage would also enable you to formulate a plan on how to repair it.

The second step would be to identify what tools and supplies you have at your disposal and see if they coincide with your ?repair plan?. If there are some air hose repair products and supplies that you lack, head on to the nearest hardware store or DIY shop for them. When it comes to air hose repair, there is no doubt that that first solution that would pop into your head would be a tape. But keep in mind that you cannot use just any tape. A silicone tape product would be your best bet. In fact, you will find that for many hoses that are found to be leak water and air, products made with silicone are highly recommended.

A silicone tape is not your regular adhesive. Made with the elastomer silicone that is rubber-like in quality, it can resist extreme environments, temperatures and even pressure applied on it. Often it also contains other additives that improve its performance, rendering it non-flammable, giving it superior insulation properties while maximizing its heat or thermal conductivity. That is why it is the tape of choice in various industries, including aviation and aerospace.

Every silicone tape product that is available nowadays is made to be self-fusing or self-amalgamating. That means it fuses unto itself. That?s the beauty of this product: it sticks, but it sticks only to itself, so other surfaces are safe. Therefore, when buying a silicone product, make sure you buy a self-fusing type.

The third step would be to set up at a safe place. If you are repairing an air hose of an electrical device or machine, make sure they are unplugged. It would be better too if you choose a spacious and dry place to avoid any accidents. You would also have a lot more elbow room for stretching out the hose and applying the silicon product.

Now, on to the repair. Make sure the area you are repairing is clean. There should be no dirt residue around the tear area. Wash it off or swab it away with a piece of damp or alcohol-soaked cloth. Roll out a strip of the silicone tape product over the tear, stretching it as far as it would go. Wrap the ends of the strip carefully as you flatten it tightly against the surface, not letting any air pockets develop. Don?t worry; if the silicone product you have is self-fusing, it shouldn?t be too hard for you to seal it.

Depending on the damage and the type of air hose you are dealing with, fixing an air hose using various air hose products ? silicone tape product among them ? is relatively easy.

For more information on air leak repair products and how to fix an air leak with silicone tape, visit Silicone Rescue Tape


Careers in Air Health, Air Health Products and Air Healthcare:

Health Care Professionals possess the unique chance to supply humanitarian help to towns, while making use of the job growth and personal satisfaction in the air healthcare industry.

A career in air testing, air quality products, and air healthcare can be a rewarding and financially stable career.

IQAir Healthpro Review


IQAir HealthPro Review

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

IQAir Air Purifiers Dealer

IQAir HealthPro Plus 

Air Purifier

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The IQAir Healthpro Review – Is the Healthpro Plus worth $899?  Watch the video . . .

The IQ Air HealthPro Plus is IQAir’s top selling room air purifier.   It combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove quite a number of particulate, smells and chemicals.  Of all the air products available, the Health Pro Plus is tops.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus Review suggests this air purifier is ideal for people that are looking the perfect air filtration at a reasonable cost.

IQAir HealthPro air purifiers would be the world`s innovative air purifiers for houses and offices. Actually, IQAir’s purification systems would be the only residential air cleansers to make use of exactly the same superior HyperHEPA technology utilized in cleanrooms and hospitals.

The IQAir Health Professional Plus air purifier remove dangerous allergens for example mold spores, pet dander, house dustmites and pollen utilizing it’s HyperHEPA filter.

IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration is examined and licensed to filter dust contaminants lower to .003 microns (the earth’s littlest particle) having a guaranteed minimum efficiency well over 99.5%. This really is 100 times better than the regular Dust technology in most purifiers, making IQ Air Products superior to most other brands of air products.  The end result may be the removal of individuals contaminants that may perform the most harm to your own body’s cells.

Additionally the IQAir HealthPro Plus consists of a V5-Cell filter for that charge of gaseous pollutants and smells. The patented V5-Cell Filter combines two kinds of media, one which adsorbs smells for example cleaning chemicals, pet and cooking smells and gases and the other media that changes the pollutant for an oxidized form. The end result is air that’s clean because it smells.

The HealthPro Plus is particularly suggested for bronchial asthma sufferers, since their respiratory system systems are frequently responsive to gaseous irritants, in addition to allergens.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Purifier IQAir HealthPro Control Panel
IQAir Remote Control

IQ Air Healthpro Review – Certified Performance

IQAir tests and certifies all their air purification systems just before them departing the factory. Your HealthPro Plus will arrive for you having a hands-signed certificate of performance to ensure that you realize the precise efficiency of the air cleanser (99.5% or better).

Which means every medical grade HealthPro Plus needs to remove 99.5% from the contaminants in mid-air to be able to leave the factory and arrive at your house ..


The IQAir HealthPro Plus is quiet enough for probably the most noise sensitive person or conditions. You need to listen real near to listen to it in the cheapest fan speed setting. It’s six.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus has got the fan within the center, in-between its filters that really help to soak up the noise. The IQAir HealthPro Plus also includes a unique double-walled housing made from Abs plastic, fiberglass design to lessen seem transmission. The fan is held by shocks which will keep any vibration from transmitting with the housing.

The HealthPro Plus can also be made to avoid air drafts and also the noise connected together.

Simple to use Electronic User Interface:

Intelligent Filter Existence Monitor: The HealthPro Plus intelligent filter existence monitor takes actual use into consideration when monitoring the filter. This guarantees that you will get maximum filter existence and gratifaction. LED’s also warn you when you’re ready to replace the filters.

Multiple Fan Speed Configurations: The HealthPro Plus provides you with six different fan speed configurations. You choose the overall performance and seem.

Integrated Timer: You are able to program the HealthPro Plus to operate instantly, we suggest that you usually leave the air purifier running, to show off or on based on your requirements.

100% Ozone-Free Technology

All IQAir air purifiers are 100% ozone-free. They’re licensed through the IAACM (Worldwide Association of Air Cleanser Producers) to create simply no ozone. Ozone is really a lung irritant released from ionic and electronic air cleansers. Even small quantities of ozone are undesirable for allergy and bronchial asthma sufferers.

Lengthy Existence Filters

Many air purifiers available on the market require frequent filter changes. While you will have to improve your filters to keep the standard from the air, the HealthPro Plus filters do last.

Pre-Max Pre Filter – Change every 12 to 18 several weeks

V-5 Cell – Change every 18 to 24 several weeks

HyperHEPA Filter – Change every 36 to 48 several weeks.

* Filter existence will rely on atmosphere air purifier is within.

IQ Air Healthpro has a built in 5 Year Warranty

We all know IQAir Residential Air Purifiers is money well spent in climate for several years in the future. IQAir is proud to pay for the HealthPro Series in america and Canada for any full five (5) years against defects in materials. Warranty doesn’t include filters.


Maximum Coverage: 900 sq ft

Dimensions : 28″H x 15″ W x 16″ D

Weight: 35 lbs

Color: White / light Grey

Power: 115 VAC 50-60 Hz, 10′ power cord, UL certified

Power Consumption: 215 watts on high fan speed, 85 watts on low fan speed

Housing: High impact ABS plastic

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier $899.00

Air Travel Health


Extended air travel or lengthy-distance plane rides may bring remote locations near, but along comes the potential of air health concerns, monotony, uncomfortable seating and bloodstream circulation problems.

Good bloodstream circulation guarantees a much better journey. The lymph system must receive constant bloodstream circulation, while traveling on airlines. The lymph system consists of a network of bloodstream nodes that transmit the fluid to various areas of the body. These nodes produce whitened bloodstream corpuscles, that are necessary to combat any sickness. Your lymph nodes increase the size of when you’re sick, as bodies are working overtime to create its needs. The lymph doesn’t have a pump to deliver fluid such as the heart and for that reason, it only depends on the movement from the muscles to keep pressure inside the system. Lymph liquids assist in the advance from the all around health. They assist in bloodstream circulation so when the bloodstream ships are contracted, the vital contents are squashed with the contracted ships. The lymph ships then collect the leftovers and return them in to the system. They’re then sent to any or all the key organs from the body. The lymph system also sends the whitened bloodstream corpuscles towards the necessary areas of the body. Any area of the body that’s hurt, broken or inflated needs whitened bloodstream corpuscles and the only method to transmit these cells is thru lymph liquids. Lymph liquids are just sent through muscle movement. In a nutshell, this means you need to move about frequently to keep the bloodstream circulation through the body.

Throughout airline travel, movement is fixed for an extended duration, that is very dangerous. Sometimes the cabin-crew takes you through this trouble, using a preflight talk. To lessen stiffness, fatigue and discomfort throughout lengthy distance plane tickets, you can test some simple stretch exercises in-flight, as it will help lower the chance of venous thrombosis or clots of bloodstream. The thrombus are extremely harmful as they possibly can sometimes result in cardiac arrest, seizure as well as coma. You can begin off by doing a bit of simple exercises like holding your duffel type carry bag as near for your body as you possibly can, in a 90-degree position after which doing couple of biceps curls. Which should provide you with a good workout. If you’re proficient at balancing you’ll be able to place your duffel type carry bag in your ankles and perform some leg lifts, in order to reduce pressure in your ankles. A little walk within the cabin may also be relaxing also it can help you stretch your legs. You may also try some hands stretches by placing the palms of the hands together and pushing them as hard as possible. Contain the position as lengthy as you possibly can or hold your arms out flat for sometime, balancing a magazine on the top. Relaxation for some time after which repeat. But while performing these comfort methods observe that you do not disturb your co-people.

Besides movement, you have to drink liquids around you are able to to guard yourself from lack of fluids. Avoid smoking and consuming, because this can impact bloodstream circulation. Avoid crossing your legs when you are sitting, as it can certainly negatively affect the bloodstream circulation for your legs. You have to put on loose-fitting and comfy clothes while flying on lengthy distance plane tickets. Compression tights might help prevent swelling and increase circulation.

While stuck in your seat, it is very helpful to do isometric exercises that will activate your muscles and increase circulation.

There are also air health quality issues to be concerned with in breathing recycled air. Most airlines have advanced air filtration systems or other air products now that filter air and removed airborn contaminents. However, nothing beats fresh air for your health, so when you land you should head outside as soon as you can and breath some fresh natural air.

IQAIR Air Purifiers

IQAir Air Purifiers

The Industry Leader in Air Purification

IQAir air purifiers feature superior filter technology, quality components and therefore are constructed with skilled Swiss craftsmanship.

IQAir air purifiers have obtained the greatest reviews and rankings in the market. IQAir air purification systems will help you live a more healthy existence by supplying the most effective air quality on the planet.

IQAir’s air purifiers specified for to satisfy the rigorous standards of hospitals, treatment centers and cleanrooms around the world so imagine the things they can perform for your house.

IQAir Air Purifiers

IQAir Healthpro Plus Air Purifier

The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier has become more #1 reviews than almost every other air purifier.

The HealthPro Plus is IQAir’s best selling room air purifier. It combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove a large number of particulate, smells and chemicals.

Due to its wide effectiveness range it is the perfect air purifier for health-conscious people additionally to people battling with a number of breathing conditions like allergic responses, bronchial bronchial asthma, COPD, andEmphysema.

IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

The IQAir HealthPro air purifiereffectively removes all sorts of particulate air contaminants, including all common allergens from pollen, household dust, dustmites and pet dander.

The IQAir HealthPro has got the same HyperHEPA particle filtration because the HealthPro Plus and is upgraded to HealthPro Plus anytime.

The machine includes a spare compartment that may anytime be upgraded using the V5-Cell (wide-spectrum gas and molecular filter) to assist eliminate gaseous chemicals and smells.

IQAir Compact Air Purifier

The IQAir HealthPro Compact air purifier features exactly the same advanced micro- and nano-particle filter technologies because the HealthPro and HealthPro Plus, however in a more compact housing to really make it easier in dimensions for small flats and offices.

The HealthPro Compact has got the same HyperHEPA particle filtration because the HealthPro Plus but it is not upgradeable.

The HealthPro Compact effectively removes all sorts of particulate air contaminants with similar ultra high quality as the bigger models.

$899.00 $849.00 $799.00

IQAir GC Air Purifier

The IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier is IQAir’s top selling air purifier for people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

The IQAir GC MultiGas continues to be personalized to get rid of an array of gaseous organic and inorganic chemicals.

Even though gas and odor control is really a particular strength of the system, the GC MultiGas also provides excellent filtration for contaminants.

IQAir Replacement Filters

We carry all  the replacement filter IQAir air purifiers including the HealthPro Plus, HealthPro, HealthPro Compact and GC MultiGas.

IQAir Replacement Filters

Why Should You Invest in An IQAir Air Purifier?

Klaus Hammes and the brother Manfred introduced the earth’s first residential air cleanser in 1963 for that air outlet on coal burning ovens. Little did they are fully aware these were the pioneers of the entire industry. It’s with this particular history in your mind, and also the desire for climate, that IQAir is constantly on the provide items which are in the leading edge of air purification.

Beginning in 1994 it required their team of team of Swiss and German engineers 4 years of intensive research and development to construct the earth’s best type of compact air cleansers. Early in the year of 1998, the very first IQAir system comes from the new production type of the Swiss factory, the HealthPro Plus. In 2000, IQAir air cleansers finally become open to the U . s . States.

Ever since then they’ve become an immediate success with allergy and bronchial asthma sufferers.

HyperHEPA  Air Purifier Technology

The IQAir HealthPro Series features HyperHEPA filtration technology for superior airborne particle removal. HyperHEPA technologies are utilized in locations that require very purest air such as with cleanrooms, labs and hospitals. These filters remove more small , ultra-small contaminants, for example bacteria, infections, allergens and sub-micron sized dust, in the air than conventional air cleansers.

IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration is examined and licensed to filter ultra-fine pollution contaminants lower to .003 microns in dimensions having a guaranteed minimum efficiency well over 99.5%. This really is 100 occasions more compact than is accomplished with regular air filtration technology and 10 occasions more compact than the usual virus.

Why Worry About Ultra-fine Particles in Your Air Quality?

Numerous research have proven that ultra-fine contaminants would be the most dangerous to the health. Fundamental essentials contaminants that you simply normally aren’t seeing. These contaminants could be absorbed through lung tissue directly into our bloodstream stream.

*Research through the American Heart Association implies that these ultra-fine contaminants can increase the chance of cardiac arrest and strokes. IQAir air cleansers are certain to remove these dangerous contaminants lower to .003 microns, providing you with the cleanest and finest air possible in your house.  *California Air Resources Board

100% Ozone-Free Purification Technology

All IQAir air cleansers are 100% ozone-free. They’re licensed through the IAACM (Worldwide Association of Air Cleanser Producers) to create simply no ozone. Ozone is really a lung irritant released from ionic and electronic air cleansers. Even small quantities of ozone are undesirable for allergy and bronchial asthma sufferers.

Certified Air Quality Performance

IQAir tests and certifies all their air purification systems just before them departing the factory, the same guideline they will use for his or her medical items. Your HealthPro Plus will arrive for you having a hands-signed certificate of performance to ensure that you realize the precise efficiency of the air cleanser (99.5% or better)

Which means every medical grade HealthPro Plus needs to remove 99.5% from the contaminants in mid-air to be able to leave the factory and arrive at your house ..

5 Year Warranty

We all know IQAir Residential Air Purifiers is money well spent in climate for several years in the future. IQAir is proud to pay for the HealthPro Series in america and Canada for any full five (5) years against defects in materials. Warranty doesn’t include filters.

Advanced Controls and Quiet Purifier Operation

Every IQAir air purifier features six fan speeds and enables you to definitely program the machine for automatic operation using a day/evening timer. The intelligent filter existence monitor let us you realize precisely whenever your system needs filter substitutes. This is dependant on actual filter usage and never a collection time.

A handheld remote control is incorporated to permit easy remote operation from the air purifier everywhere within the room.

IQAir systems are created to be quiet. The “fan-in-center” design places the fan motor between seem attenuating filters. The double-walled housing effectively reduces operational sounds. Rubber suspension pads methodically isolate motor vibration in the air cleanser housing. The EvenFlow Diffuser deflects sounds into the system, while coming back low turbulence, low velocity air for your room. It makes sense an air purifier quiet enough for the bed room.

Used by Hospitals to manage air quality

Hospitals all over the world use IQAir air purifiers to assist safeguard staff and patients from infectious illnesses like t . b and MRSA. Actually, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority chose IQAir over other competitors’ air cleansers when selecting the very best solution in eliminating against SARS.

Highly recommended by The American Lung Association

IQAir is proud to possess been selected through the American Lung Association his or her sole educational partner for that air cleanser industry. This exclusive partnership combines the American Lung Association’s 100 year lengthy resolve for lung disease prevention and promotion of excellent lung health with IQAir’s 45 year resolve for air cleaning excellence!

Air Quality Testing


Air Quality Testing is becoming increasingly important, as both houses and offices alike can breed “Bad Air.”   Many people spend 90% of time inside and risk long time exposure to contanimants.  Indoor quality of air plays a larger role in the healthiness of individuals who spend most of time inside: the youthful, the seniors and individuals who’re persistantly ill. Air inside houses, offices, schools along with other structures could be more polluted than outside air because heating, cooling and ventilation systems are typical causes of microbial growth.  This is an Easy Do-It-Yourself Air Quality Test To Find Out Your Indoor Quality Of Air (IAQ).  Air quality testing is simple to and cheaply screen for potentially dangerous bacteria and fungus in your home or office by mixing a sterile dry surface sampler with this patented Micro Inspector Total Microbe test.  Among various air products available, here are Two Methods to Sample and Test for Microbial Contamination inside your environmental air.

Indoor Air Quality Test

1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Air Quality Testing: Sample Air Conditioning FilterHvac filters are made to catch contaminants floating in mid-air. Otherwise transformed regularly, they become an atmosphere for bacteria by supplying a perfect atmosphere of heat and moisture. Even if transformed regularly, bacteria may form rapidly and spread thoughout your office or home. To acquire a sample out of your air conditioning filter, take it out of the circulation source (ac, etc.) and employ the dry surface sampler provided: pour rinse solution onto sponge, wipe sample ?zone? on filter, place sponge back to it?s container, pour remaing solution into container, shake and pour contents into sample cup. Run Total Microbe test. Compare leads to chart.

Sample Air Filter

2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Air Quality Testing: Sample Air-ductAir ductwork may become an atmosphere for bacteria and mold. To acquire a sample out of your air-duct and employ the dry surface sampler provided: pour rinse solution onto sponge, wipe sample ?zone? inside air-duct or on duct vent, place sponge back to it?s container, pour remaing solution into container, shake and pour contents into sample cup. Run Total Microbe test. Compare leads to chart.  Made by SimpleTek – Air & Water Testing Made SimpleTo run the Indoor Air Quality Test (IAQ), order SimpleTek Part # ST9200IAQ.

Sample Air Duct

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