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How To Fix An Air Hose With A Silicone Tape Product

Hoses, for all their usefulness, are also prone to damage. It does not even matter how careful you are in handling them, they are bound to have some problems sooner or later. The difference lies in the severity of the problem and what one would have to do to correct it. Severe damage could lead to more extensive (not to mention, expensive) repairs. In fact, most would probably just opt to buy a new hose.

Air hoses, unlike ordinary garden and water hoses, are more complex. Thus, if you suddenly have a problem with your air hose, you cannot expect to simply patch it up with a simple tape or a temporary fix. You need a better and a fool-proof air hose repair product. This is where the silicone tape product comes in.

How do you go about fixing an air hose using a silicone tape product?

First, identify and assess the damage. Was it a tear and, if so, where is it located? How big is the tear? Knowing the location of the tear or the damage and its extent would give you a fair idea if it is still salvageable and can be solved by repairing it by yourself. If the damage is quite extensive, weigh your options. Should you repair it, or simply buy a new one? Assessing the damage would also enable you to formulate a plan on how to repair it.

The second step would be to identify what tools and supplies you have at your disposal and see if they coincide with your ?repair plan?. If there are some air hose repair products and supplies that you lack, head on to the nearest hardware store or DIY shop for them. When it comes to air hose repair, there is no doubt that that first solution that would pop into your head would be a tape. But keep in mind that you cannot use just any tape. A silicone tape product would be your best bet. In fact, you will find that for many hoses that are found to be leak water and air, products made with silicone are highly recommended.

A silicone tape is not your regular adhesive. Made with the elastomer silicone that is rubber-like in quality, it can resist extreme environments, temperatures and even pressure applied on it. Often it also contains other additives that improve its performance, rendering it non-flammable, giving it superior insulation properties while maximizing its heat or thermal conductivity. That is why it is the tape of choice in various industries, including aviation and aerospace.

Every silicone tape product that is available nowadays is made to be self-fusing or self-amalgamating. That means it fuses unto itself. That?s the beauty of this product: it sticks, but it sticks only to itself, so other surfaces are safe. Therefore, when buying a silicone product, make sure you buy a self-fusing type.

The third step would be to set up at a safe place. If you are repairing an air hose of an electrical device or machine, make sure they are unplugged. It would be better too if you choose a spacious and dry place to avoid any accidents. You would also have a lot more elbow room for stretching out the hose and applying the silicon product.

Now, on to the repair. Make sure the area you are repairing is clean. There should be no dirt residue around the tear area. Wash it off or swab it away with a piece of damp or alcohol-soaked cloth. Roll out a strip of the silicone tape product over the tear, stretching it as far as it would go. Wrap the ends of the strip carefully as you flatten it tightly against the surface, not letting any air pockets develop. Don?t worry; if the silicone product you have is self-fusing, it shouldn?t be too hard for you to seal it.

Depending on the damage and the type of air hose you are dealing with, fixing an air hose using various air hose products ? silicone tape product among them ? is relatively easy.

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