Air Quality Testing Locations

Locations for air quality testing.

For a proper air quality test, samples must be taken from multiple test locations.

Perform IAQ testing not less than the minimum quantity of needed sampling locations, determined the following: For every area of the building offered with a separate ventilation system, the amount of sampling points shall ‘t be under one per 25,000 sq. foot., or each contiguous floor area, whichever is bigger, and can include areas using the least ventilation as calculated by Ventilation Rate Process of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 and finest presumed source strength as recognized by Owner. Collect air samples on three consecutive days each and every location and average the outcomes of every three-day test cycle to find out compliance or non-compliance of indoor air quality for every air handling zone examined.

The sampling section of not under one sampling point per 25,000 sq. foot. meets the needs for LEED-NC Construction Air Quality Management credit.

Perform IAQ location testing inside the breathing zone, between 3?-0? and 6?-0? over the finished floor and also over the absolute minimum 4-hour period. Some-hour minimum requirement is equivalent to needed within the LEED-NC credit for any construction IAQ management plan before occupancy.

Collect air samples throughout normal occupied hrs (just before occupancy) using the building ventilation system beginning in the daily normal start occasions and operated at least outdoors ventilation rate for that occupied mode through the amount of the environment testing.

For every sampling location in which the maximum concentration limits are exceeded, the Contractor accounts for performing additional flush-by helping cover their outdoors air and retesting the particular parameter(s) exceeded to point the needs are accomplished. Repeat procedure until all needs happen to be met.

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