Products To Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many air products that help to improve indoor air quality.  Picture yourself entering standing between two doors. You open the first one and peer inside. It looks clean, but it smells musty and there seems to be a stale odor emanating from one corner. You turn to the other door and see and equally clean room, only this time there?s a sweet scent in the air, courtesy of some aromatic candles in one corner.

Chances are you?d immediately presume the second room to be the cleaner one, and why shouldn?t you? Now this begs the question: does ?smelling good? automatically mean the room is cleaner or its indoor air quality healthier? Do you think lighting incense sticks and scented candles could really improve the quality of air inside a room?

There are three basic strategies being suggested on how air quality indoors can be improved. First would be to control the problem at source. This involves clearly identifying the root cause of the contamination or pollution and getting rid of it. If it is a leaking gas stove, replace it. If it is a garbage bin that has never been emptied for weeks, throw it away. The second strategy would have something to do with the ventilation of the building or structure. Take note of the entrance and exit points for air (and contaminants or pollutants). See how the heating and cooling systems are working and if you are using electric fans, see to it that they are positioned correctly so as not to attract contaminants into the room.

The third strategy would involve the use of air cleaners and other air products specifically meant to improve the quality of air. If you go out shopping for air cleaners, you will find yourself presented with so many options, depending on what you need at that time. If you?re looking for an air cleaner for a single room ? your bedroom, say ? then a tabletop air cleaner would suffice. If you?re thinking large-scale, there are also whole-house systems which, naturally, are more expensive.

Keep in mind that many air cleaners are designed to eliminating particles in the air more than gaseous contaminants. Depending on the size, brand and specifications of the air cleaners, they will have different capabilities. Make sure to check the manufacturer?s manuals and product descriptions before making any purchase so you will get the air products and equipment that you need.

Admittedly, odor control is also loosely related to indoor air quality. To deal with these, you can make use of ? as mentioned in the earlier example ? scented candles, aromatic oils and even incense sticks. There are even home remedies that are suggested because of their ability at removing odors. They include baking soda, white vinegar and even simple houseplants placed on strategic parts of the room.

But of course the best way to have good air quality would be to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Keep your home and its rooms clean to ward off other contaminants and, even if air pollutants manage to enter, regular cleaning would lessen their impact on the health of the occupants of the room. After all, sanitation and health care go hand in hand.

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