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Technological Air Products to Improve Air Quality

How technological air products can help to improve air quality. Technology is meant to make our lives simpler and easier. At least, that’s how it was in the past. With the passage of time, the deterioration of the environment – including the quality of air – had been, in large part, blamed on technology. There [...]

Products To Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many air products that help to improve indoor air quality.  Picture yourself entering standing between two doors. You open the first one and peer inside. It looks clean, but it smells musty and there seems to be a stale odor emanating from one corner. You turn to the other door and see and [...]


Careers in Air Health, Air Health Products and Air Healthcare: Health Care Professionals possess the unique chance to supply humanitarian help to towns, while making use of the job growth and personal satisfaction in the air healthcare industry. A career in air testing, air quality products, and air healthcare can be a rewarding and financially [...]

Air Travel Health


Extended air travel or lengthy-distance plane rides may bring remote locations near, but along comes the potential of air health concerns, monotony, uncomfortable seating and bloodstream circulation problems. Good bloodstream circulation guarantees a much better journey. The lymph system must receive constant bloodstream circulation, while traveling on airlines. The lymph system consists of a network [...]

Air Quality Testing


  Air Quality Testing is becoming increasingly important, as both houses and offices alike can breed “Bad Air.”   Many people spend 90% of time inside and risk long time exposure to contanimants.  Indoor quality of air plays a larger role in the healthiness of individuals who spend most of time inside: the youthful, the seniors [...]

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