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Improved Air Quality for Improved Health

Let’s face it: air quality has long been compromised, and our air health care is at stake. We can blame technology for that. We can even pin the blame on modernization and man’s insatiable thirst to go forward. We can argue and point fingers all we want, but one fact remains: we should do something [...]

Health Care Professionals on Air Quality

What are health care professionals’ recent views on air quality?  There was a time when people associated the words “health care” with looking for cures and solutions to already existing illnesses and diseases. These days, however, prevention is also a major focus when it comes to health care. Health care professionals would never be able [...]

IQAIR Air Purifiers

  IQAir Air Purifiers The Industry Leader in Air Purification IQAir air purifiers feature superior filter technology, quality components and therefore are constructed with skilled Swiss craftsmanship. IQAir air purifiers have obtained the greatest reviews and rankings in the market. IQAir air purification systems will help you live a more healthy existence by supplying the [...]

Air Quality Testing


  Air Quality Testing is becoming increasingly important, as both houses and offices alike can breed “Bad Air.”   Many people spend 90% of time inside and risk long time exposure to contanimants.  Indoor quality of air plays a larger role in the healthiness of individuals who spend most of time inside: the youthful, the seniors [...]

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